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What is Matching Petals?

Matching Petals is a community where gay men and straight women meet up.

The relationship between a gay man and a straight woman is a special one. Research on this type of friendship has shown that women sometimes prefer the advice of gay men over their girlfriends and boyfriends, and gay men likewise trust their straight female friends above others. There’s plenty of dating websites out there–some for hookups, some for dating and romantic relationships, and some for specific age groups and ethnicities. Yet an online community for straight women looking for gay male friends and vice versa has never materialized. Until now.

Dating can be exhausting, and straight women have often said gay men provide a welcome relief from the endless sexual tension between themselves and straight guys. Women find the absence of “ulterior motives” – i.e. trying to get them into bed – very refreshing. And because gay men and straight women aren’t competing for the same men, both parties never have to worry about falling for the same guy!

The people you find are not your boyfriend or girlfriend, they are your new best friend. Maybe you will meet someone halfway across the country and you have a deep conversations about life.

So what are some of the features on Matching Petals that help gay men and straight women find their platonic soul mates?


Join a group on Matching Petals and discuss fashion, relationships, books, marriage, movies, food and more. Start a conversation about a certain topic, comment on threads, and otherwise have discussions about just about anything.


Like other dating sites, Matching Petals members can find and “friend” each other, and engage in private conversations. Members may search the site’s directory or browse new additions in hopes of finding the perfect gay man-straight woman connection. There are nearly 400 members on Matching Petals at this time, with new members signing up every day.


The Matching Petals team will regularly contribute to the site’s blog with updates and other useful tips and tricks. Expect the team to moderate group conversations as well.

Join Matching Petals today and meet that fantastic new best friend!